Smiles, High-Fives, and Blue Skies: Day One at OPS Squaw Valley

Monday, March 4, 2013

Written by: Christine Donaldson

Sunny degrees and blue skies adorned the first day of Squaw Valley Oakley Progression Sessions- the kick off to the entire OPS season! Excitement was running high as women arrived from all different parts of the country to take part in the thrilling weekend. Nestled in the Lake Tahoe region of California’s Sierra Mountain range, Squaw Valley Resort is known for it’s steep and challenging terrain. The Squaw terrain park crew provided OPS with a beautiful private set-up that included features perfect for learning new tricks on jumps, boxes, and rails.

The view from the top of the private OPS park

The view from the top of the private OPS park

The energized chatter over breakfast spread a contagious feeling of stoke throughout the room. It was obvious when the pre-shred yoga session began that these girls were focused: determined to improve their skills that day, but also to have as much fun as possible.

Geared up and ready to shred, the parade of fifty women made its way up the Funitel. Layers were quickly shed to accommodate the warm weather, and coaches Marie-France Roy, Chanelle Sladics, and Jenny Jones took their groups to different areas of the resort. Throughout the morning, girls explored the several terrain parks and half pipe, all situated on the upper half of the mountain. Groups worked on a variety of skills, from perfecting an olly to landing a backside 360.

OPS coach Jenny Jones psychs up the girls to session the park. Photo: Donaldson

After a lunch filled with new friendships, all the girls converged in the private OPS park, where a dance party quickly ensued. Thanks to our resident DJ and comfy fire pit station at the bottom of the park, there was never a lack of good times. If you fell, you always had a reason to get up and dance. As the day wore on, cheers were echoed from each feature as new tricks were learned.

Camper hiking the OPS park to hone her skills

The end of the day brought even more excitement than the morning did. Tales of “firsts” were swapped and ample thank you’s were given to the extraordinary group of coaches. New friends and smiles of satisfaction walked out of the building, even more eager to greet the next day with high-fives and new skills!