Monday, March 18, 2013

Day two of Oakley Progression Sessions started off in style with all of the women showing up dressed to the nines in green, representing St. Patrick’s Day in ways only skier and snowboarder ladies could. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and there was no better way to fuel up than with green Muscle Milk pancakes to keep every woman energized on the snow.

Yoga this morning was much more muscle focused, seeing as each lady showed up for the second day sore as a result of pushing themselves to progress on snow at such a rapid pace. This yoga session was filled with sighs of both relief and agony at stretching out muscles that haven’t been used in a while

Once everyone was limber and warmed up, it was time to head onto the snow, and everyone was eager to get what they learned the day before dialed, as well as try something new. The best part about being on snow with only women was that everyone was amping each other up- pushing each other to test their fears, break through boundaries and grow both mentally and physically on the hill.

It was through continued positivity in a safe and fun snowboarding environment that all of the women were able to triumph over their personal fears. The Paradigm Weekend Rockstar, Sarah Savala, was one of the many ladies who did just that, and she learned to throw down in the halfpipe for the first time ever.

Paradigm Weekend Rockstar: Sarah Savala

“I was just looking at that thing going ‘I can never do this,’ and that’s why I had never gone in a pipe- it was just not for me but then I got in there and Carissa gave me the skills and I progressed really easily in it and I had a lot of fun,” said Sarah.

Its through that kind of one on one coaching that all of the women really thrived and were able to grow. That same mindset also translated over to the skiing part of camp as well, especially with Christy Donaldson bringing her positive attitude as a leader of the group.

“It wasn’t a matter of coaching really- it was a matter of motivating and dissolving all fear. I think that was the biggest challenge for everybody, and I think everybody had a hand in that. You know it wasn’t just me as a coach, it was everyone pumping each other up,” said Christy.

Its with that positive mantra of getting over fears, that every woman was able to make it through the weekend. Oakley Progression Sessions wouldn’t be complete without multiple on snow dance parties, hilarious instagram photos and far too many side- splitting laughs along the way. Every single participant and coach vibed off of one another, making for a successful time that left everyone wishing it didn’t end so soon.

Special thanks to Oakley, Muscle Milk, Paradigm, Natural Vines, Tonic, Snowboarder Magazine and Powder Magazine


Paradigm Weekend Rockstar: Sarah Savala

Riders Choice: Lindsey Rich

“Girl You Got Skills” Award: Sarah Kruglinski

“Sending It” Award: Elena Blomgren

Powder Magazine Award: Mo Millican

Snowboarder Magazine Award: Kaili Shafer

Coaches Awards:

Snowboarding: Laura Pompano

Liz Nelson

Skiing: Leila Friis- Salling