Oakley Progression Sessions Day One At Mammoth Mountain

Monday, March 18, 2013

Written by Neev Zaiet

Oakley Progression Sessions kicked off their second stop on their four-stop tour at Mammoth Mountain today with 50 girls from all over the country, and even one from New Zealand, who were ready to push their boundaries on snow.

The morning started off with a Muscle Milk batter pancake breakfast, followed by an hour of the most innovative and hilarious yoga session I’ve ever been a part of. All 50 girls bonded first thing in the morning over sexual yoga innuendos, danced to upbeat music, and chatted about our goals for the weekend.

Oakley Ambassador Lacey Calvert leading the morning yoga session

Chanelle Sladics led the first group in the morning, coaching all of the ladies on getting comfortable riding switch and running 180 drills on the snow. Learning something new wouldn’t be complete without a few riotous bails in which every girl made sure the snow was still there to break their fall. But hey, falling is progressing right?

In keeping up with progression, there was a private park set up by Mammoth Unbound for the session, complete with a 12 jump mini line, boxes and rails, and a mini pipe. Progression wasn’t just for campers, but for coaches as well, with Chanelle working on perfecting some tricks herself. “I rode all day with everyone, working on my methods and working on my back one to switch back one. No matter how big or small the features are, we can always learn and I always learn at these things so it’s really fun for me too.”

The second half of the day kicked off with a pipe clinic run by none other than Mary Walsh herself. Fifteen girls stood at the top of the 18- foot pipe in South Park at Mammoth Mountain, pushing each other to go big and work on their jump turn style in the pipe. Every lady vibed off of one another’s successes, with at least half riding the pipe for the first time ever. Taylor Wright, a first time progression session camper, also popped her pipe cherry today too.

“The pipe was good. I think once you do it and you try it out for the first time you get more comfortable and are willing to go bigger and try something different,” said Taylor.

Day one was successful, with each woman navigating their way throughout the day, learning new skills in both the private terrain park and the halfpipe in a safe and fun environment. Every single lady went out of their way to push themselves to new limits, while continuously uplifting everyone around them, making for a joyous and progressive day.

Day two will only bring more new skills, laughter and overall good times.

Special thanks to Oakley, Muscle Milk, Paradigm, Natural Vines, Tonic, Snowboarder and Powder Magazine’s.