Girls Cheer, Clouds Clear: Day Two of OPS Squaw Valley

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Written by Christine Donalson

On day two of OPS Squaw Valley we woke up to rain. But not even that could dampen the vivacious spirits of the OPS women. They were here to conquer, and that’s exactly what they did. Trooping out into the rain after a long and restorative yoga session, the girls broke out into groups and traveled where their next tricks were waiting to be stomped. With the confidence acquired the day before, girls were ready to reach their next level. It was during lunch, when everyone went in to dry off, that the rain stopped and the grey clouds slowly began to part. Upon our return to the OPS private park, it was no surprise that an epic dance party would ensue. What happened next is most definitely an OPS first! As filmers and campers conspired fun ideas for an edit, talk of the viral video “Harlem Shake” trend began. A team effort was instantly summoned and within minutes, the entire OPS crew was on a jump filming a Harlem shake video. Now if that’s not team bonding, I don’t know what is.

Ladies pause the action for an impromptu dance party

That afternoon in the park was an exciting culmination of everyone’s new skills. Girls were amazed by each other, but also amazed by what they had achieved themselves. Happiness was visibly emitted from the coaches, as they watched the surprised look on campers’ faces as they landed more difficult tricks. Coach Jenny Jones shared “It’s such a unique experience to get the chance to coach so many girls, and hopefully make a difference in their riding. Sharing what I’ve learned with them is really nice, but seeing them cheer and motivate each other is the most exciting part.” That evening’s award session was filled with overwhelming gratification and pride. The room was beaming. The girls knew they had developed skills they could take away with them, however, some of them didn’t know that there were exciting prizes to take home too! The coaches had come up with a list of awards and winners for girls who had shown the most determination and character throughout the camp. One of these lucky winners took home a Paradigm Millenium CT Sound System, valued at $700. Another took home a high end Mucle Milk Blender and product pack.

Everyones a winner of OPS, but these ladies were WINNING!

Others won assortments of Oakley apparel and outerwear. But, in addition to the skills they had developed, every girl got to take home a bag with Oakley product, Paradigm ear buds, Muscle Milk yoga mats, natural vines licorice, and Tonic hair conditioner. The perfect assortment of goodies after an epic weekend of new tricks, friends, dance moves, and resounding pride for women’s progression in snow sports!