Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It’s time to get awesome in the Rocky Mountain State.

Oakley will be invading Winter Park, CO for the third stop of the Oakley Progression Sessions and the Coloradans better get ready.  Being the closest resort to downtown Denver, it’s a no-brainer – time to mob up to the mountains and charge the terrain park with the Oakley pros.

Mikkel Bang sending it at Winter Park

Colorado resorts know how to get it done – it’s just science.  Not only has Winter Park been named a top 10 resort, but this year the park is home to over 20 new rails and features.  There is a reason Pat Milbery and Ben Lynch call this mountain home; it is seriously legit.  With eight terrain parks covering this hill, riders have tons of options on what level they want to ride at and what type of features they want to hit.  Also, the coaches at this session know how to have a good time – Chanelle Sladics, Kristi Leskinen, and Marie-France Roy will be showing you the ways of the park and will be hanging out all day long.  It’s a win-win situation.

On top of the fact that you’re guaranteed a prime day of shredding at the Oakley Progression Sessions, if you sign up for the stop at Winter Park you will receive discounted lodging in the area.  So stop surfing the internet and REGISTER to shred your face off, learn some new yoga moves, score sweet prizes, and meet tons of new people who enjoy the snow as much as you do.